How to Buy a Car with Bad Credit

Getting the car loan you need doesn't need to be a difficult process. Before you apply for your low credit car loan at our bad credit car dealership near you, here is some useful information:


Know Your Score

Once you check your score, you can take steps to improve it. In some cases, obtaining a car loan may be a way to improve your score!

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Get Pre-Qualified

Start with our credit application and get pre-qualified. Getting pre-qualified can help you get a better idea on a budget for your next vehicle.

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Find Your Vehicle

Now let the fun begin! Planet Motors has an incredible selection of used cars, trucks, and SUVs waiting for you to discover.

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Get pre-approved in minutes and drive TODAY!

Car Dealerships that Work with Bad Credit

When you have a poor credit score, finding a car loan that you can afford can often seem like a stressful process. You may have already been denied financing from several new car dealerships. Many customers with low credit find obtaining favorable financing to be very difficult. At Planet Motors, buying a car with bad credit doesn't need to be an intimidating process. Our bad credit car dealership near you specializes in offering financing to customers with bad credit. We have the expertise that you need when you search for poor credit car finance near you. When you work with our friendly and professional financial services team, you will be pleased with how simple obtaining a car loan can be.

Now that you've found our car dealership that works with bad credit, getting the loan you need is the next step. Allow our dedicated team to help you find a car loan that suits your monthly budget. Once you have secured the loan that you need at our used car dealership in West Palm Beach, you will be on your way to a better credit score. Making timely payments on your car loan is a wonderful way to build your credit score back up over time.

Know Your Score

To begin, it is important for you to know your own credit score. There are many online resources available to check your credit score, free of charge. While our bad credit car dealership near you works with customers with low credit scores, it is important that you know what your score is. You can learn more about credit scores and the contributing factors that affect your credit score online. Take the time to check your credit before applying for your car loan. Once you understand where your credit score is at, you can begin taking steps to improve it. Securing a loan from our car dealership that works with bad credit is a terrific way to start raising your score. There may also be things that you can resolve immediately that will improve your credit score.

Perhaps you have an old debt that you were unaware of that has gone to collections. Paying off any debts that you can before shopping for your West Palm Beach, FL used car is a great way to make sure you get the best loan terms possible. Although Planet Motors is a car dealership that works with bad credit, it is still to your advantage to get your score as high as you can before you apply. If there is nothing that you can do about your credit score for the time being, don't worry. Our used car dealership in West Palm Beach will be happy to work with your current situation. We take pride in our ability to help customers who struggle with their credit find quality financing.

Pre-Qualify Before Seriously Shopping

At our bad credit car dealership near you, we suggest applying for your loan before you begin shopping for the ideal West Palm Beach, FL used car. Knowing exactly how much poor credit car finance near you that you qualify for is extremely helpful when setting your budget. Buying a car with bad credit is tricky enough without falling in love with a vehicle that you can't afford! Once you have a firm idea of the loan amount that you qualify for, you can avoid being tempted by a car that doesn't suit your budget. Our used car dealership in West Palm Beach will help you figure out the loan amount and terms that you qualify for. When reviewing your financing options, there are many factors that you will want to take into consideration. Instead of focusing only on the amount that you qualify for, you will want to pay attention to the terms of the loan as well.

Our used car dealership in West Palm Beach knows that all of the financial details can get confusing quickly. If you need clarification on any details of your loan offers, don't hesitate to ask our financial services team. We want you to feel completely informed at our car dealership that works with bad credit. Allow our expert team to explain the details of your loan offer if you get confused. Planet Motors strives to help you get on the path to a secure financial future, and that begins with knowledge. Our financial services team is a fantastic resource for learning more about loan terms and APR rates. Take advantage of their expertise as they help you choose a financing plan that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Planet Motors Makes Finding Financing Easy

Planet Motors knows that applying for financing can be complicated, even in the best of circumstances. If you have poor credit, the loan application process can be really stressful. Fortunately, you have already found a car dealership that works with bad credit. In fact, helping customers with poor credit is our field of expertise. You can feel confident about applying for financing with our used car dealership in West Palm Beach. Planet Motors has helped thousands of customers get the financing that they need to drive a safe and dependable car. The best way to prepare for your loan application is to understand what your credit score is and take any practical steps that you can to improve it.

If you have a friend or relative in the position to co-sign for you, this will be beneficial. However, Planet Motors understands that most customers don't have the privilege of a co-signer with good credit. Finding a co-signer is by no means a requirement at our used car dealership in West Palm Beach. Our trustworthy dealership will be able to guide you through the process of finding and financing a car that suits your lifestyle and budget. We have ample experience working with customers with low credit and have the skills that you need to secure your poor credit car loan.


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