Nissan and Chevy SUVs

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Poor Credit Car Lots Near Me

If you are in the market for another family vehicle to drive this coming year, our used car dealers near you will help. We have been a part of your community for a while, and we want to show you that we care by offering great choices for you and your family. Our staff is dedicated to sending you back home in an SUV that you love. Our selection of used vehicles, Fort Lauderdale, is here so that you know you have options. When you know that an SUV body style is what you want to buy next, we have a great selection for you. You will be able to find one here that exceeds your expectations because all our SUV models are excellent. Our past customers know what we mean when we talk about the incredible condition that our cars are in. You will be able to find an SUV for sale that is clean and well taken care of with all the mechanical and luxurious features that you wanted. We don’t know what you want until you come into our dealership, but for now, we can tell you about two of our popular choices.

Used Cars Fort Lauderdale

One used Nissan SUV for sale is a 2018 Nissan Rogue. This is a vehicle that has modern technology and safety features that you can appreciate. With everything from blind spot sensors to its navigation system, you will always be able to see around you and where you are going. It has a utility body style to tackle tough terrain and road conditions, especially with its front-wheel-drive. With the powerful four-cylinder 2.5 Liter engine under the hood, you will be able to fully optimize the automatic CVT transmission. It also has a spacious cabin for seating and trunk space for all the luggage and bags that you need to carry with you from place to place.

When you’re looking for used car loans for bad credit, we also have a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox. This is one of our classic models that is very popular amongst our buyers. The Equinox also has impressive technology and safety features. But a few to note would be the engine push-button start, backup camera, and remote entry. With a small addition like the remote entry, you won’t even have to have one hand free to unlock your doors. Walking up to your vehicle will signal that your remote is nearby and unlock the doors for you. It is a small feature that can make your life a little simpler. It’s these features from our used cars, Fort Lauderdale, that make a big difference over time.

If you want to know more details about these models at your poor credit car lots near you, you can go to our website. Our website is meant to save you time and let you relax at home while you start searching and comparing possible used cars, Fort Lauderdale. So take your time, compare the features you want, and feel free to call our staff members if you have questions

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