Extended Warranty Programs

Buying a used car doesn't mean you have to be solely responsible for it.  Here at Planet Motors we have detailed Extended Warranty Programs that give you full coverage over non-maintenance or wear-n-tear related parts.  Our Warranty programs range from as low as 1 month/1,000 miles all the way up to 10 Years/125,000 Miles, so regardless of how long you plan to keep the car or how many miles you intend to put on it, we've got a plan that will work for you.  Most importantly, we can do so with only a small bump in your monthly payment, usually within the range of 15-25 dollars a month.

Below you can get a quote on our Total Coverage extended warranty for any of the cars on our site or for the car that you currently own. Please complete the information below and you will be contacted with a quote.

Extended Warranty Quote

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We will provide coverage for any Breakdown of Your Vehicle, less the selected Deductible,
except for items listed under Subsection F, “WHAT IS NOT COVERED”.  F.1. PARTS AND SERVICES NOT COVERED

This Agreement does NOT provide coverage for any of the following parts or services:
(a) Interior maintenance, adjustment and wear items including buttons, carpet, water leaks, dash pad, door and window handles, knobs, rearview mirror (glass and housing), and trim.
(b) Exterior maintenance, adjustment and wear items including but not limited to glass, service adjustments for body parts, bright metal, bumpers, body panels, door handles, latches, hinges, moldings, outside ornamentation,convertible or vinyl tops, paint rust,sheet metal,side-view mirrors (glass and housing), air and water leaks, weather-strip, wheel covers/ornaments, wind noise, and physical damage to alignment, bumper, or body parts.
(c) Service adjustments/cleaning, a contaminated fuel system, air conditioning recharge, batteries, hybrid batteries, battery cables, fuses, relays, bolts and fasteners, belts, brakes (drums,shoes, linings, disc rotors and pads), exhaust system (including catalytic converter), lights (bulbs,sealed beam and lenses), manual clutch, pressure plate throw out bearings,clutch master or slave cylinder, manual transmission clutch disc and lining,shock absorbers, spark plugs and wires,squeaks or other noises, tires, tune-ups, wheel balancing and alignment, wheel studs, wiper blades,shop supplies, friction materials, glass, hoses (except steering and air conditioning). Filters, lubricants, coolants and refrigerants will be covered only if replacement is required in connection with a Breakdown.
d) A replacement part not supplied by the Vehicle manufacturer, unless it is of a kind and quality compatible with the design specifications and wear tolerances of the vehicle manufacturer.
(e) Cases, housing, engine block and cylinder heads are covered only if damaged by the failure of an internally lubricated part.
(f) Graphic equalizers, DVD players,VHS players,speakers, visual and other electronic equipment (including game systems), telephones, radar detectors and GPS equipment (unless factory installed).
(g) Seals and Gaskets on Covered Parts are not covered for premature failure on vehicles with over 150,000 miles on the odometer at the time of failure. After 150,000 miles seals and gaskets will be covered only if required in conjunction with a covered repair.

Please call for any additional information