What To Bring

Preparing For Your Auto Appointment

What to Bring

Be sure to bring these items when you come to Planet Motors to get your next used car or truck, That way, we can have you driving in about an hour!

Valid ID
We accept:

  • Driver’s License
  • International License
  • Passport

Recent Paystub
W2 employees: Please bring the last 2 paystubs from December OR W2 2023 Tax Statement

1099: Bring along 3 months consecutive bank statements

Address Verification

  • Certified Mail
  • Government Document
  • or Utility Bill with your current address

SSI or Disability Award
If you receive SSI or Disability, bring your current award letter and bring 3 months consecutive bank statements

Preparing For Your Auto Appointment

When you’re ready to pull the trigger on purchasing a used car in West Palm Beach, you’ll want your transaction to go as smoothly as possible. The easiest way to have an efficient experience at our bad credit car lot in West Palm Beach, is to ensure that you bring all of the required documents. You won’t want to have to make annoying, multiple trips to Planet Motors, and with a little preparation, you won’t have to! Planet Motors is a car dealer that accepts bad credit, but we do need requisite documentation to get you on the road. Follow our simple checklist to prepare for your appointment at our bad credit car lot in West Palm Beach, and enjoy your smooth transaction. Planet Motors is the premier dealership for customers to find bad credit auto financing cars in Florida. Our options for bad credit car financing in Florida have earned us an outstanding reputation in our community. Make sure that you bring the following documents to our car dealer that accepts bad credit. You will be delighted with how easy and efficient your transaction will unfold!

Proof of Identification

To begin, you will need to bring valid proof of identification to purchase your used car in West Palm Beach. Planet Motors will accept your driver’s license, international license, or passport. Make sure that your identification isn’t expired before you visit our car dealer that accepts bad credit. Most customers at Planet Motors choose to use their driver’s license for their form of identification. Planet Motors will also accept passports and government-issued identification. Unfortunately, we cannot accept military ID badges, since they are illegal to photocopy. If you aren’t a US citizen, you will want to bring your passport or international driver’s license. If you plan on financing your car at our used car dealership near you, please also bring your visa. You will want to be able to display that you are permitted to remain in the US for the duration of your loan. If you don’t have a driver’s license, while you can still purchase a vehicle, you won’t be eligible to drive, insure, or register the vehicle in your name. However, if you do not plan on driving the vehicle yourself, you will be able to use your government-issued ID for the sale at our bad credit used car lot near you. This is important if you are a cosigner on the car loan for someone else, or if you are purchasing your vehicle for someone else to drive.

Proof of Income

The next thing that you will need to remember to bring to Planet Motors is valid and current proof of income. Our car dealer that accepts bad credit will need to see proof that you are employed in order to help you secure your bad credit car financing in Florida. If you are a W2 employee, make sure to bring your most recent pay stub that displays your year-to-date income. The pay stub should display your income before and after taxes, insurance, and other deductions. Self-employed customers seeking bad credit car financing in Florida won’t need to worry. Just remember to bring your 1099 along with three months of your most recent and consecutive bank statements. This will prove that income is being deposited into your bank account on a routine basis. What about customers with multiple income sources? You are under no obligation to bring documentation for every stream of income to secure your bad credit car financing in Florida. However, you should bring proof for all income you’d like to be considered for your loan approval. Do your secondary income sources add up to a considerable amount? You will probably want to include them to be considered for more favorable loan terms at our car dealer that accepts bad credit. Do you receive social security income or disability income? Don’t forget to bring your SSI or disability award, along with the most recent three months of consecutive bank statements! You will want to qualify for the maximum amount of financing that you are eligible for. Proving a higher income will also benefit you in securing favorable loan terms at Planet Motors.

Proof of Residence

Another important document to remember is your proof of residence. When you apply for your bad credit car financing in Florida, you will need to prove that you actually live at the address on your loan application. You can bring a piece of certified mail, a utility bill, or a government document that displays your name and your current address. You will only need to bring one piece of address verification, but make sure that it has your name on it. Our car dealer that accepts bad credit will be able to get the ball rolling on your next used car in Florida!