Guaranteed Credit Approval
in West Palm Beach FL

Car buyers who have a credit score of 680 and below will have a difficult time getting a loan without a cosigner. The good news is that they can get guaranteed credit approval in West Palm Beach. It is also the fastest way of getting a loan.

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More often than not, you are going to get an auto loan if you are buying a car; it doesn’t matter whether it is used or new. And one of the options that are available for you is pre-approved financing or guaranteed credit approval. While in the perfect world, the best way to buy a car is by paying in cash. However, only a few can afford to do so. At present, consumers need financing help to buy cars.

Guaranteed Credit Approval at Planet Motors

Guaranteed credit approval improves the position of the consumer who relies on financing options. With a guaranteed loan approval before going to the dealership, consumers are able to shop with more confidence. And because they already know the terms for the loan, they can concentrate on looking for the right vehicle. It will make shopping for a car more stress-free.

Requirements of Guaranteed Credit Approval

One requirement that the used car dealer requires is a proof of income such as income tax return, paycheck stubs, and other documents that show your current income and work history. The used car dealer will not check your credit history, but they want to make sure that you are able to afford the monthly payments. They require at least half a year of verified income, as well as verification from the employer.

Another requirement for our guaranteed credit approval program, is a proof of auto insurance. If you already have a car, then this is an easy requirement. However, if you don’t have a car, then you might need to secure auto insurance first before applying for a pre-approved loan. Auto insurance is a standard requirement for other auto loans as well.

These are the things that you need to know when getting a guaranteed credit approval in West Palm Beach FL. It is important that you know your options when buying a used car. And to make the preapproved loan as low risk as possible, you should provide the highest amount of down payment you can afford. That way you minimize the loan amount.

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