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Toyota has long been a well trusted brand in the automotive industry.  They have had many reliable cars throughout the years including the Corolla, Tacoma and the Camry.  Among the used car industry, Toyota is one of the top selling vehicles and one of the makes that retains it resale value really well.  Check out our inventory below for our pre-owned Toyotas.






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Reasons to Buy a Used Toyota

There are a vast collection of persons in society that may fall under different headings and titles. One such title is “car lovers”, these are persons who have often self-proclaimed car lovers and their love for cars is usually reflected in their extensive knowledge of car brands and their different mechanics.

One brand that is well known by every car lover, car owner and persons at different section of the globe is Toyota. The Toyota brand has been around for almost a century, with its origins dating back to 1933; when the name Toyota first surfaced. Since then Toyota has become a household name and has time and time again proven its quality.

When purchasing a car especially in the case of a used on, many people look for the Toyota brand, as it is the name associated with quality and durability. The decision to purchase a used car is often associated with the acceptability that the car will range anywhere from 1 to 20 years. In the cases of the purchasing older cars a brand that is trusted and owned for its ability to withstand weathering is always recommended, even in the newer cars durability is an aspect that every prospective used vehicle owner should consider. 

The reasons to look for the Toyota brand when searching for a new and even more so used car is endless. Before making the trip to any used car dealership you will first need to be informed about the names that represent quality.
  • Durability
Sources such as Polk have stated that over 70% of Toyota’s sold as far back as twenty years ago are still fully operational and on the road. This proves that the Toyota brand does indeed represent quality, and effectively removes any doubt that a potential used Toyota buyer might have about the possibility that the vehicle will provide service to them throughout their lifetime.
  • Best Resale Value
There is always the possibility that you might want to resell the used vehicle that you buy; your desire might be to purchase a vehicle that can be used as a stepping stone to the vehicle of your dream. Toyota is still the ideal choice for you and it all leads back to its durability; a Toyota has the ability to be fully functional and of good quality during the period that requires its use, and remains that way so when the time comes for you to resell it there would be no setbacks.
  • Safety
The Toyota brand has won more IIHS Top Safety Picks in 2013 than any other truck or car manufacturer. Toyota is a name that guarantees safety for all its passengers. Whether a Toyota is new or used the model features a diverse collection of safety features. It is therefore evident that at Toyota the safety and security of their customers are always in mind.
  • Great Residual Value
Toyota has one of the top residual values on an international scale. A Toyota vehicle is capable of holding its value for years, which makes it the ideal choice when choosing a used vehicle.